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Mercury-Bearing Devices

A wide variety of devices and equipment use mercury and must be safely recycled to prevent the release of mercury into the environment.

EcoLights specializes in the safe transportation and recycling of all mercury-bearing devices.  We accept whole devices for recycling, so there is no need for you or your staff to remove the delicate vials or ampules that contain mercury.

Mercury-containing devices are found in most buildings, and should always be removed prior to demolition, or when they are no longer needed. Examples include:

  • Fluorescent Lamps
  • HID Lamps
  • Mercury Thermostats
  • Mercury Switches
  • Commercial/Industrial Heating & Cooling Equipment
  • Mercury Flame Sensors
  • Mercury Float Switches
  • Mercury Flow Meters
  • Mercury Manometers/Barometers
  • Mercury Gas Flow Regulators
  • Mercury Thermometers

Keeping mercury out of the environment benefits us all.

Contact us to discuss how we can safely recycle your unwanted mercury-bearing devices. Links to comprehensive information about mercury and laws that require the safe handling of mercury can be found on our Resource Center page.

Starting January 1, 2013, it will be illegal for businesses and residents to throw mercury-containing lights in the trash. EcoLights has the information on the law and what it means for you.
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All fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) contain small amounts of mercury. Nationwide, only about 25% of the 680 million lights discarded each year are recycled. The remainder is disposed of in solid waste landfills and incinerators. In Washington this represents over 15 million lamps per year.
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