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Batteries (All Types)

Don’t throw batteries away! Recycle them.

EcoLights accepts all types of batteries for safe, responsible recycling and disposal.

Batteries used in laptops, vehicles, cell phones and other portable electronics represent a significant recycling challenge. The EPA estimates that over three billion batteries are purchased in the United States each year.

Batteries contain heavy metals and other elements which can pose a threat to the environment. When disposed of improperly, the hazardous materials in batteries can:

  • Cause burns or other injury to eyes and skin

  • Pollute lakes and streams when the metals are burned

  • Leach from landfills and enter the water table and ultimately our food supply

For a small fee per pound, EcoLights will accept any battery for recycling and safe disposal, including:

Battery Type


AlkalineRemote controllers, scanners, digital cameras, CD players
Lithium ManganeseHandheld video games, electric toothbrushes, watches and pacemakers
(NiCd, rechargeable)
Remote controllers, scanners and portable radios
Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries (NiMH)Laptops, power tools, digital cameras
Lithium and Lithium Ion (rechargeable)Cell phones and hand-held computing devices
Lead Acid Batteries
Cars, trucks, forklifts, tractors
Lead Acid Batteries (Dry cell rechargeable);Battery back-ups
Zinc ChlorideCalculators and toys
Zinc AirHandheld video games, electric toothbrushes, watches and pacemakers
Carbon-ZincFlashlights and products with batteries included (this battery has been largely replaced by the alkaline battery)
Silver Oxide
(sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide)
Digital and LCD Watches

If you have special or large-quantity battery recycling needs, we’ll work with you to develop
a responsible and cost-effective recycling solution.

Starting January 1, 2013, it will be illegal for businesses and residents to throw mercury-containing lights in the trash. EcoLights has the information on the law and what it means for you.
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All fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) contain small amounts of mercury. Nationwide, only about 25% of the 680 million lights discarded each year are recycled. The remainder is disposed of in solid waste landfills and incinerators. In Washington this represents over 15 million lamps per year.
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